Ottilia #3 - Siren


I've got one hell of a back-log of blogs to post at the moment (which is only going to get worse as I'm away for four days from tomorrow) but my excitement at seeing a new track by Ottilia pop up in my soundcloud stream means the London based Swede jumps straight to the front of the queue.

Her new track "Siren" is the first published online for almost a year but confirms exactly what I said on my original posts, here's a voice and talent sure to 'breakthrough' whenever her moment is right.

"Siren" is as minimal as they come, much likes last years "and then he said" demo and causes goosebumps with little more than Ottilia's woozy, lovelorn voice, the repeated, haunted vocal of "Don't go home with me, I'm a siren" and the lullaby echoes of an acoustic guitar, it's all that is needed to be carried away by this intoxicating, emotive beauty.

Hopefully there's more to follow very, very soon (and live dates too).