Pawws - Sugar


I'd heard of Lucy Taylor's Pawws project before (with Lucy being familiar to me from her earlier involvement in The Citadels) but this track is my introduction to her solo music, a track called "Sugar" which more than lives up to its name (and is taken from her debut EP due in June)...

To call "Sugar" deliciously sweet would only be a half truth, it's even nicer than that. Like an eight year old left in a room of eggs by themselves on Easter Sunday it leaves you feeling all gooey and sickly on the inside as you are bewitched by the swoonsome combination of twinkling moonlight synths, restrained beats and Lucy's soft, pretty vocal. It's like the 80's never went away.

Pawws plays The Great Escape next month with a headline show at The Lexington planned for May 12th.