Priscilla Ahn - Remember How I Broke Your Heart

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I'm probably have meant to have heard of Priscilla Ahn by now, she has over 100k Facebook followers and whilst I'm not entirely sure that is an accurate measure of 'real fans' it is quite the number to have, her heart-wrenching track "Remember How I Broke Your Heart" serves as my introduction and it's one that has done literally that.

Music can touch deepest when it's at its simplest and "Remember How I Broke Your Heart" is exactly that, little more than Priscilla's gentle, pretty voice and delicate finger-plucked acoustic / twinkling piano chords, it touches you deep inside and serves as the perfect break up accompaniment.

Another track found via Soundcloud and taken from the same album, February's This Is Where We Are "Diana" is an entirely different ball game, with an abrasive synth beat and searing experimental soundscapes that could be lifted from a St Vincent album track, it's only Priscilla's dreamy, soft vocals floating on top of the mix that remain, I like the change-up and I'm intrigued to hear more (something I promise to do when I've caught up with some of the 300 odd unread emails in my inbox!).

This Is Where We Are  is available now via iTunes.