Sake - New Music "Introducing"

Saturday evening, I've got the kids this weekend which means a quiet evening in (which is very much needed) and a catch up on a few things, music I've saved into my draft folder (which is ever expanding) and writing up a couple of posts...

I'm starting with Sake whom I first discovered thanks to a mysterious one line email earlier this week and then later saw posted on Breaking More Waves (always a good sign). A debut track "Almost Never" wraps itself around you as it slowly unwinds amongst a stunning vocal (which thanks to a bit of online detective work Robin has uncovered as Welsh singer-songwriter Chloe Leavers) and textured instrumentation which gradually comes to the life as layers of subtle electronics, restrained beats and glacial guitars reach a stunning climax at the three minute mark. It makes you immediately reach for the repeat button.

Whilst we wait for more, "Almost Never" is available to download for free via Sake's website now.