Sea Change - Let's Dance

Next week I'll do my The Great Escape preview, I've not decided the basis of it yet but it will pretty much feature the acts I think you should go and watch. First up though, here's a discovery I made thanks to the line-up announcement's (with a head-tip to Giselle).

Sea Change is the Norwegian artist Ellen A. W. Sunde whom is now living in Berlin and her track "Let's Dance" (anything but a Bowie cover) is full of lush soundscapes and bewitching atmosphere that should go down nicely in a dimly lit sea-front basement, the slow-burn track grows from stark beginnings with a sublime melody rising from skittering electronics, vivid textures and Ellen's ethereal vocals. Her debut track "Bursting" is similarly blissful, expansive lo-fi pop, full of fluttering beats, natural space and calming warmth, the result is compelling and immersive. Perfect for those in need of a lonely Friday night (that would be me).

Sea Change has two dates listed for The Great Escape:
UNITARIAN CHURCH 9th May 2014 6:45pm - 7:15pm
GREEN DOOR STORE 9th May 2014 12:30pm - 1:00pm