September Girls #9 - Sister


A little later than I planned after spending 24 hours unexpectedly in bed thanks to a lovely bout of sickness (in the same week that I'm running a marathon no less) I return to post about one of this blogs long standing love affairs, I think I've posted about every September Girls single to date so it would be rude to make an exception now...

"Sister" is the latest track to be taken from January's debut Cursing The Sea (out now via Fortuna Pop!) and takes the quintet's reverb-soaked noise-pop to darker streets. Paula's lead vocals are low in the mix perhaps hiding the tracks challenging subject matter amongst a sea of distorted, rumbling bass rhythms and echoey guitars which grow in strength throughout to a concluding climax of raw, gritty brutality far away from the bands garage-pop beginnings and sounds more like something you'd expect to hear from a newly found Joy Division out-take but with sweetly harmonies of course.

September Girls are back in London playing Hoxton Bar & Kitchen on April 18th and are also confirmed for May's Great Escape festival amongst a slew of other dates. You've no excuse not to get your dancing shoes on.