Sophie Jamieson #7 - Other


Those of you who fell in love with Sophie Jamieson's "Stain" upon its release a few weeks ago, prepare to be excited / blown away all over again with the release of the tracks sister song "Other"...

The track can be seen as a continuation of "Stain", the two songs begging to be heard in unison (and for that reason I've included "Stain" again below), effortlessly entwining together and tackling the same subject matter from a different point of view. The result is similarly exquisite, a stark, haunting drip feed of emotions that touches long and hard.

Armed with such incredible songs and a genuine, kind character it fills me with great pleasure to see Sophie getting the recognition her hard work deserves. If you haven't already, you really should be downloading this beautiful single now - you can do that here.

Sophie (as ever) has lots of gigs coming up including a must-see show next week at The Slaughtered Lamb with Wilsen, followed by a slot on the BBC introducing stage at The Great Escape. See you there.