The Pains of Being Pure at Heart #5 - Eurydice


The Easter break is finally with us (or nearly with you, depending on your time-zone) so what better way of getting in the mood for four days off (assuming you work, I always think the demographic of this blog is of a similar age to me) than with The Pains of Being Pure at Heart.

Kip Berman and co have long perfected a carefree approach to indie-pop which results in a guaranteed smile-on-your-face listen which is perfectly encapsulated in the title of their forthcoming third LP Days of Abandon (due in the UK in June via Fierce Panda) and their latest track "Eurydice" is no different. It's not going to convert any nay-sayers but propelled by spritely percussion and shimmering guitar textures the track bristles with excitement against boy-girl vocals and warming, optimistic melody, basically the sort of song made for singing aloud to.

With this post I'll wish a Happy Easter to you all. I'm taking a couple days off from the blog to spend some real time with my family but they'll be a couple of pre-writes to follow and make it look like I'm still here....