Wilsen #6 - Go Try


After what seems like a long, long time of waiting, it is now less than a week until I finally get to see Wilsen perform live for the first time (at their debut headline London show next Tuesday, a gig I adhered to earlier on and is supported by the equally wonderful Sophie Jamieson - details).

The reason for my excitement will be apparent for long time followers of this little blog, an immaculate debut LP that I named one of my favourite records of 2012 is due to be followed by a new EP Magnolia, from which the title-track has already hinted at grander things for the Brooklyn based trio.

The EP's second taster "Go Try" is softer and more spacious than "Magnolia", drenched in restrained, elegant beauty from the get-go with swooning guitars and Tasmin's honey-toned vocals blissfully combining to dream-like results, it's the sort of track that compels you to stop what you are doing, close your eyes and immerse yourself fully within. Go and give that a try below: