Abbey Bowden #3 - Wicked Game


Hello again Internet, I've missed sitting down for more than ten minutes without worrying about getting to a new venue in time. The Great Escape was superb. I'll review it in full some time over the next week (I'm moving house tomorrow so it may take me a few days) but first I'm going to post the track that was sitting at the top of my soundcloud feed when I looked at it a couple of hours ago.

The track needs no introduction and is one I've covered no less than four times before (Scary Mansion, Exlovers, Widowspeak and London Grammar), Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game", here taken on by Abbey Bowden.

Abbey's voice is one I instantly fell for when I heard her track "Still" at the turn of the year and the same thing happens all over again here, a shiver down you spine moment awaits as tender acoustic plucks provide the platform for Abbey's raw, soulful tones to wound hearts. Stunning.