Abi Reimold - Forget


I have a load of links and artists saved within my draft folder and ever expanding pocket account (some to see the light of day sometime soon?). Here's one that I originally saved back in March but only listened to this last weekend by pure chance, it's something I've come back a number of times since as I find my initial expectations completely dumbfounded...

"Morning" is the opening track on Abi Reimold's (a Philly based songwriter with a long catalogue of releases on bandcamp) latest EP Forget. For the first minute or so you are introduced to a raw, folky sound that could easily be compared to something by Angel Olsen where stark instrumentation and an intense, stop-you-in-your tracks vocals firmly grab hold of your emotions but then suddenly, all hell breaks loose as reverb-heavy riffs fill the air amongst Abi's soaring vocals and rumbling beats. It's quite simply brilliant. The rest of the EP similarly combines tender, haunting moments which collide with stomping, fuzzed up PJ Harvey esque screams. Short, intense and heartfelt, it keeps you guessing and listening with intrigue from first to last.

I'm also including an older track below, "nuthing" is a gentler more intimate experience where a soft lulling guitar rings around spectral vocals and a echoey drum beat, the result is nothing short of spine-tingling.