Alice Boman #5 - Lead Me


Alice Boman is another of those artists I seem to feature here everytime she releases a new track, if you press play on the video below you'll soon understand why. "Lead Me" is taken from Alice's forthcoming EP II and is beautiful. That would probably be enough for some blogs but I do like to add a paragraph of waffle...

"Lead Me", here recorded live in a beautifully lit kitchen, is much like Alice's tracks before it, heading straight for the heart, an intimate, delicate tale of the trials of love, backed solely by softening keys "Lead Me" is possibly the brightest moment we've heard from Alice so far, it's the perfect way to start your long weekend.

I've also included the newly released video for a track I've covered previously, the equally gorgeous "Over" taken from the same release. A release you'll probably want (and luckily for you, can have by pressing on this link).