Alvvays - Adult Diversion / Archie, Marry Me

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I mentioned Alvvays in my review of The Great Escape (Friday) but I felt they deserved their own blog (as do a few other TGE discoveries which will follow in due course). The Toronto quintet were somehow new to me when I went to see them last weekend after a friends recommendation, it took all of about thirty seconds for me to fall for Alvvays and I was soon left wondering quite how I'd not heard of them earlier, a 'new music' blogger after-all is meant to be ahead of the game...

They've got two tracks for share on their soundcloud page with an album seemingly due quite soon and both tasters are superb, the two reference points that keep coming back to me when I listen are Fear of Men and Pains of Being Pure at Heart, two fine bands to be drawn in the same breathe as, it's the urgency of the fuzz-pop guitar rhythms that draw the latter and the gorgeous, breathy vocal of Molly Rankin the former.

"Adult Diversion" was the first track they released late last year and it's simply the perfect slice of playful jangle pop, carried by sprightly drums and waves of reverb-laden guitar, it sweeps you off your feet and soon finds you immersed in it's infectious, head-bopping melody. Their second track "Archie, Marry Me" is more bittersweet but equally wonderful, the guitars are thicker and the vocals come with added heartbreak, the two make for a fine introduction. I'll see you down the front whenever Alvvays return to theses shores.