Deers - New Music "Introducing"


I'd seen the name Deers a few times before I finally listened to the Madrid based duo late last week, they've picked up some pretty impressive press armed with just two raw demos on a bandcamp page (NME Radar buzz band of the week, TLOBF song of the day and so on).

For me, late on the scene, it was love at first listen with "Bamboo", a ramshackle garage-pop gem which blends about a dozen genres into one concise four minute track, languid, slacker riffs, addictive stickly-sweet choruses, the Shangri-Las harmonies, a perfect blend of snarling voices and raw noise.

The other track you can listen to from Deers (both of which  can be downloaded now for how ever much money you'd like - head to Bandcamp now) "Trippy Gum" has a more surf-pop vibe, breezy guitar's and swirling pysch rhythms, it's purposely messy and rough around the edges but for now at least, that only adds to the endearment.

Deers play what I assume to be their debut UK show at London's Sebright Arms on June 9th - info / tickets.