Eliza Shaddad #5 - Waters


Hold onto you hats, here's something you might not be expecting. "Waters" is the title track to Eliza Shaddad's forthcoming EP and marks something of a new direction for the London based singer-songwriter. Usually when I think of Eliza I think of her beautiful, pure voice, her bare-boned storytelling lyrics and some deceptively simple guitar patterns... She's gone and changed that all in one fell swoop.

"Waters" is the first time Eliza has used a 'full band' sound and it's absolutely bloody stunning, transcending her 'folky' roots with an adventurous, darker turn. As a listener you immediately get swept up amongst the stirring melody and as soon as Eliza's world-weary tones join the ever present drum march and ringing guitar patterns, you cant help but skip a beat. One of those whoa, where did that come from moments. I like those.

Waters is released on June 12th via Beatnik Creative.