First Aid Kit #7 - Cedar Lane

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I'm in Brighton now; there's a very small chance that I'll update the blog whilst I have breakfast in the morning before heading out but this is likely the last post until I return from The Great Escape next week.

I'll be on a come-down then no doubt after three days of exceptional music (of that there is no doubt). I'll review my three days itinerary on my return but thankfully I have something else to keep me excited next week... A live date with First Aid Kit at Islington's Assembly Halls.

To make the idea sound just that little more sweet the Söderberg sisters have shared another new track from their forthcoming third album Stay Gold (due June 10th - available to pre-order on gold vinyl now). "Cedar Lane" is a rich, sumptuous beauty with slide guitar melody and heart melting vocals, just the sort of thing we've become accustomed to from the duo.