First Aid Kit #8 - Cedar Lane (Live)

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I've posted about this track before and this act even more but my love for First Aid Kit grew even more strong with a sparkling, rocking, beautiful performance at Islington's Assembly Hall a couple of weeks ago, a far cry from the first time I saw the Söderberg sisters perform in front of 40-60 people at Glastonbury's Greenpeace stage in 2010. Their progression is startling, their live show is near perfect, sounding completely effortless and never bigger or more polished than on the tracks from their third full length Stay Gold (due June 9th and available to order on Gold vinyl now).

This version of "Cedar Lane" is labelled as a live "acoustic" version (and I think I spot their Dad on guitar) yet it sums up that maturity. A full, rich melody that is an absolute joy to listen to. I've repeated this track a half dozen times already and I'm still smiling - I absolutely love the change between their voices, Klara's beautiful lead and the way Johanna's voice complements it, slightly huskier, her voice makes me swoon everytime it kicks in and those harmonies at the songs climax. Wow. I can't wait to see them again (September at the Royal Albert Hall!!!).