Hey Elbow - New Music "Introducing"


Continuing with my Scandinavian love-in (although most weeks could be considered that here), Hey Elbow are a new trio from Malmo whom have just released their debut single "Blanca" via Double Sun.

The track is big, bold and brilliant, combining echoed, uncompromising vocals and dreamy backing harmonies with a wall-of-sound backdrop where huge sounding electronics, big pounding kettle drums beats and soaring horns hammer home the unsettling, don't listen to on your way home alone at three am mood. I've seen Chelsea Wolfe comparisons in every review I've read, I don't get that at all, I'd go with Esben and the Witch with the brass elements of These New Puritans. That sounds like something I'd love now doesn't it...

Get the track on iTunes now.