KAIROS - New Music "Introducing"


KAIROS is Lena Simon from Seattle who came to my attention thanks to playing a bit of bass for a band I've featured here before, La Luz (I was gutted to miss their London show - I was in Bratislava).

Her debut EP has just been released and whilst it's not the same sound as La Luz's 'surf-tinged garage pop', it's highly enjoyable in it's own right. Kairos floats more into ambient skies with smooth synth and guitar textures woven around Lena's gorgeous vocals, it's full of a gentle human touch that soothes and calms in equal measure.

I'll concentrate on the tracks that book-end the six track, self-titled release, the stand-outs "Casanova" and "Can/Cannot", the former is a lovely slice of melancholic soft-pop with mellow guitars, restrained beats and luscious dreamy synths, the woozy feeling it leaves you with is nothing short than heart-stoppingly beautiful. "Can/Cannot" sees Lena's take on Marry Me era St Vincent, an irresistible alchemy of minimalist, shimmering melody and graceful, slightly quirky vocals, absolute ear-candy.

Kairos was released this week and is available now via Bandcamp on digital / 12" vinyl.