Phoebe Bridgers - New Music "Introducing"


Sorry to my source for this, my draft folder was nothing more than a bandcamp link (I do like to say if I discover an act via another blog etc and it annoys me how few do), Phoebe Bridgers is a Los Angeles artist whom appears to have progressed from a solo singer-songwriter to the more expansive indie-folk/pop which make up her Killer EP.

Opening track "Chelsea" gives the release the perfect start, growing from stark shimmering guitars and bare, dark lyrics to a storming indie track full of confident swagger and luscious melody, I read the track is a nod to Irish folk music and I can hear that in Phoebe's vocal, her voice sounds natural and clear throughout and the production is top notch too.

Elsewhere things change up considerably, the title track is a pared-down acoustic number with the great line "I'm sick of the chase, but I'm hungry for blood", is full of weighty emotions (as is much of the EP) whereas closing track "Whatever" is pure fun, a stomping Juggernaut of guitar and addictive, repetitive chorus, it hints at much more to come and completes a highly enjoy release. Killer is available to download on a pay-what-you-like basis via Bandcamp.