Pretties For You - We Have Our Reasons

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Oh, Luxury, you've only gone and done it again. Another band I'd never heard of from Sweden who tick every single one of my boxes...

Pretties For You, a quintet from Gothenburg already have an album to their name but come to my attention with their enormous single "We Have Our Reasons", a compelling, slick beauty which would have topped the charts if it was released in the 80's.

It's not just big, it's colossal, a compulsive marriage of buzzing synths, Cure-esque guitars and a truly stunning vocal, it's made to be heard in huge venues with a sound system capable of matching it'se propulsive rhythms. Perhaps now Coldplay have gone (back) all miserable on us, there's a space going on the stadium tour circuit?!

Pretties For You have just released their nine track album of the same name (and available via Luxury) and I recommend you give it a spin if you're still reading this post. I'll just mention the opening track "Talk" here, a track which is similarly brooding and epic, with darkly dramatic soundscapes akin to Garbage amongst swelling power pop choruses. It's a potent combination.