Southern - Oh Won't You Go


Southern are a band I've been meaning to see live / investigate properly for some time now, I actually tried to see them at The Great Escape but the venue was full and there was a massive queue to get inside so it was not to be. Instead I've had to make do with the track I'm going to feature this afternoon as my real introduction...

The Belfast-born, Liverpool-based brother and sister duo have just shared new track "Oh Won't You Go" from their recently release EP Where The Wild Are and it's actually nothing like what I was expecting, a sparse setup with swooning guitar and pared-back percussion creating a misty, dream evoking mood in which Lucy's honey-toned vocals capture your imagination. It's nothing other than gorgeous.

I've included the title track too, a big, soaring guitar pop beast with addictive, super-charged hooks and dual vocals. It's hard to believe it's the same band. I like that, a band willing to unexpectedly change things up.

The EP is available now via iTunes.