Tapes Waves #5 - Stay All Night


The wonderful glow of sunshine that made our weekend's so fine may have departed to be replaced by a bed of cloud but fear not, there's a brand new song by Tape Waves to keep your mood beautiful.

"Stay All Night" is the first track we've heard from the Charleston duo since their debut EP (one which I probably should point out that I helped to re-issue on cassette via my Beautiful Strange label) and marriage (congrats) and it's all sorts of gorgeous, with soft delicate percussion and restrained guitar chimes providing an effervescent melody for Kim's delicate, whispers to leave you weak at the knees.

It's the sort of track that will have you dreamily walking along the road tapping along to the beat - just remember to look out for lampposts as you do. "Stay All Night" is released May 26th on limited 7" via LebensStrasse Records - pre-order.