Aldous Harding #2 - Hunter


Aldous Harding is a New Zealand singer-songwriter whom I 'introduced' here a couple of months back after a recommendation came to me from fellow Kiwi's French For Rabbits (who I've since had the pleasure of meeting and seeing live). Yet besides a blossoming reputation in her native country you'd probably be forgiven for not having heard Aldous (real name Hannah) before, however in the infamous words of Lemar, if there's any justice, that will surely soon change (and I'm here to do my small part)...

"Hunter" is taken from Aldous' self-titled debut album (which is available to download / purchase now via Lyttleton Records - a decision you will not regret) and now comes backed with a rather fittingly chilly, brooding video. The track is the sumptuous feast of rich musical landscape and fragile, haunting vocals from the get-go, Aldous blends a style not dissimilar from Joanna Newsom with touches of Joni Mitchell, with subtle, weaving melody and intriguing lyrics full of lovely imagery and extraordinary beauty carrying off to places warm and brilliant. It's just a shame you have to get on with your real life after. Listen below and share with your friends, here's a talent that can't stay hidden for long.