Beach Day #2 - Don't Call Me on the Phone

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After yesterday's Beverly post, I'm going to make it two posts in two days for both fuzz pop and Kanine Records bands, it's hard to believe it's been over two years since I last talked about Beach Day here...

The Florida duo return to my attention with "Don't Call Me on the Phone", a track which picks up exactly where debut release Trip Trap Attack left off, with spritely keys, kick-drum beats and effortlessly pretty, vintage vocal harmonies evoking yesteryear memories full of wistful romanticism through upbeat surf-pop sounds.

Also taken from the album is "All My Friends Were Punk", a song which fits the bands Facebook description of "Surfy Punky Garage-y Gnarly" to a tee, a blast of in-year-face energy and fun, with over-charged guitar riffs and a propulsive rat-a-tat drum beat that is impossible not to tap your feet along to.

Native Echoes is due August 19th via Kanine Records.