Billie Marten - New Music "Introducing"

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I'm late on this one. That doesn't matter. Billie Marten is a fifteen year old singer-songwriter originally from North Yorkshire (now seemingly based in London) whom had previously gained a following with a series of YouTube clips under her real name Billie Tweddie, her debut release is the title track from her forthcoming EP Ribbons (due next week, June 23rd).

The track is a stunner, yet further proof that talent knows no boundaries, you are soon introduced to a haunting, pure-toned vocal, a soft whispered beauty that flutters as natural and serene as the backdrop of birds tweeting in the live video I've also included. The melody begins as a gently picked acoustic but soon picks up momentum as Billie's finger-plucks increase in tempo amongst swelling strings and restrained percussion.

After listening to "Ribbon" a half dozen times or so over a 24 hour period I'm left with the feeling that I'm listening to an artist capable of incredible things. Time will tell, this is quite the start.