Camille Delean #3 - Daylight / Black Sail

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It's hard to believe it's been three and half years since I first mentioned Camille Delean on this blog, a stint living and performing in the UK has come and gone with Camille now finding herself back in her native Canada and after a prolonged period of silence, sharing her music once again.

The two tracks "Daylight" and "Black Sail" remind me what I've been missing. English may be Camille's second language but you'd never guess, she sings with such perfect tone and heart-breaking beauty. "Black Sail" is stunning. A wistful melancholy dominates as peaceful, languid guitar shimmers and restrained percussion combine with Camille's folknoir vocals to serenade with soul-touching results.

As perhaps the titles dictate, "Daylight" is brighter and more optimistic with vocals full of an timeless grace and assured tenderness whilst the tracks rich instrumentation sweeps you off the feet. I'm not sure what the current plans are further down the line but it's certainly good to have you back Camille.

The videos which accompany the two tracks are perfect too, coupling the feeling of space and beauty with such stunning clarity.