GOSPEL - New Music "Introducing"


Whilst it may not quite be time to say RIP to Creatures of Love, the band have been on 'hiatus' for a little while now and one of its member Chris Willsher has seemingly had enough of watching DVD boxsets and returns with a new project, GOSPEL, a duo alongside Beth Anderton-Allen.

Their debut track "Disasters Running Wild" will instantly find home with fellow CoL fans, a dark, brooding masterpiece of slow release emotion which sees Beth's soft, considered vocals weave themselves around a bed of sparse, hypnotic electronic beats, down-tempo piano chords and guitar textures. The track explodes half-way through as the percussive beat and guitar shimmers step up a gear, the increase in tempo allowing Beth's vocals to soar higher and with compelling result. A mighty fine introduction indeed.

"Disasters Running Wild" is released July 7th via Not Like That Records.