Lisa Alma - Oh Darling, Let’s Be Adventurers

This song. Instant love. Honestly it goes straight into my top five tracks of the year. Thanks to Ja Ja Ja Music for the introduction to Lisa Alma, a Danish electro/dream pop artist who released her EP Oh Darling, Let’s Be Adventurers back in February via Ikaros.

The song, "Bittersweet", comes backed with a beautiful, pure black and white video, the imagery the perfect compliment to the track which leaves you longing, desperate for more. Backed by little more than subtle drum pad beats and minimal, spacious synths it's Lisa's vocal that steals the show and has me hooked. It immediately makes me think of Prince's falsetto, not just any old Prince either, the Purple One at his 80's best, seducing with every note, whispered, extended words that make you fall hopelessly under their spell. I love the extended outro too, with a smouldering guitar that captures the feeling of the track, just bloody gorgeous.

The rest of the EP is likewise intoxicating, "Oh Darling" purrs like the softer side of Metric's Synthetica LP, a fragile but sparkling melody full of catchy hooks, rhythmic beats and crystal clean production with "When I Knew" fluttering in equally heavenly plains, an effortless marriage of dream-inducing synths, soul vocals and melancholy, you've possibly got the idea already but I'm spellbound.

Oh Darling, Let’s Be Adventurers is available now via iTunes and with it comes the discovery of an album released last year... Christmas has come six months early.