Polly Scattergood - Miss You


Something I continually mention here is that there is more music available than I, as one person, can ever listen to, Polly Scattergood is one such example of an artist I should have heard sooner... Although I was aware of her name from a release a good few years ago, her second album Arrows was released at the end of 2013 and I subsequently missed that altogether too.

I come to Ms Scattergood mid-way through 2014 thanks to the video to her track "Miss You" which I pressed play on by chance after watching another video on a well known video site. The song wasn't at all what I was expecting (I was expecting electro-pop, which from a listen to some more tracks the album certainly could be, a glossy, dance-floor ready sheen is certainly in evidence on recent single "Subsquently Yours"). I'm going to focus on "Miss You" now though (and do some further investigation after)...

"Miss You" is a plaintive piano led ballad that is simply devastating, a wordy, deeply intimate track delivered by a voice that is seemingly teetering on the verge of tears, I can imagine it was difficult to record both track and the video, delivered with piercing wide-eyed stares and brooding intensity. The result, however, makes it all worth while, a shiver inducing beauty.

Arrows is out now.