Stranded Mermaid - New Music "Introducing"


I can't quite put a finger on why but I've listened to this track "My Last Summer on Earth" by the Swedish band Stranded Mermaid a fair few times this week and I keep imagining the song soundtracking a scene in a James Bond or Indiana Jones film. A scene where either is getting seduced by an exotic dancer with snakes slithering around to make it clear what's about to happen, the combination of alluring seduction and ominous peril with lyrics about the "last summer on Earth" letting all but our 'hero' know of their impending danger.

It's the tracks rich, exotic instrumentation that does it, that and Louise Lindenger's sultry vocals, it's uniquely, beautiful and mysterious.

The track is a new one I think but I've just helped myself to their debut album released last year, the somewhat perfectly titled Dark Downbeat Film Noir which is available completely free via Bandcamp.

Time is most definitely not on my side at present, so I've not digested the album yet (and with Glastonbury fast approaching and my preview coming over the next day or two, I'm not likely to soon) but I've clicked play on one track "Halloween" and similarly fallen for it's wistful, cinematic landscapes, delivered with a Lana-esque melodramatic croon complete with downbeat atmospherics and beauty. Listen below: