The Cadbury Sisters #2 - Fire


Earlier this week saw the release of the second track from the forthcoming Close by Bristol trio The Cadbury Sisters, due out next week via Fear of Fiction "Fire" is the closing song from the five track EP and bookends the previously released "Milk", a track it perhaps surpasses it in terms of soul searching intimacy and slow-release emotion.

It was the last track played when I saw the band at The Great Escape last month, building gradually from a beautiful, sparse opening with a ringing guitar the sole accompaniment to the sister's blissfully pure voices before exploding amongst a cacophony of fuzzed-up noise that sounds like an expressive release of anger a the tracks subject before closing on the leading line of "all I ask is patience"...

If you are reading this and in need of something to do tonight, you couldn't do much worse than heading to The Islington to see the girls live... At worst you can listen to "Fire" below: