The Night VI #4 - Wonderlust

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The last time I caught up with the London based sextet The Night VI it was to post a gorgeous, enchanting acoustic version of their soulful track "Sienna", they return with new single "Wonderlust", their third release, a driving, polished 80's power-pop anthem in waiting which will immediately have you bopping your head along in approval amongst its punchy rhythms and sprightly synths, there's even room for an emphatic guitar solo half-way through.

Yet again, the production is flawless, crisp and clear throughout it only adds to the smooth flow of the song, full of electricity and energy, its a joy from start to finish.

The Night VI have quickly put together a group of tracks capable of sending shivers up your spine or making you smile with pleasure every time you hear them, they deserve to be one of 2014's break-out acts.

The band play a show I cannot make :( next Wednesday, June 18th at London's Oslo - details.