Wildest Dreams - New Music "Introducing"


I've got Robin over at Breaking More Waves to thank for this post, he not only was the first to post about the London / Porstmouth based duo Wildest Dreams (Holly Mullineaux and Zoe Mead) but he also sent me a text message urging me to check them out... About two weeks later I finally have and he was right.

Their debut track "Dark Matter" is gorgeous, a lovelorn, dream-inducing tapestry of pretty as a flower vocals, softly cooed harmonies, chiming guitar riffs and drum machine beats. The soothing, ethereal quality instantly makes me think of the sublime "Don't Fall In Love / Wish" release by Still Corners, that's definitely a good thing.

If this is the quality of their bedroom demos, consider me excited to hear the results of real studio session.