Zola Jesus #17 - Dangerous Days


It takes precisely three seconds for you to know "Dangerous Days" is a Zola Jesus track, so distinguishable is Nika's vocal. The song is the first track taken from her forthcoming album Taiga and her first for new label Mute.

Fans of old, (and by that I mean post Stridulum, perhaps now regarded as her debut, certainly the first of her pop albums) will be happy, there's much akin to Conatus here, an expansive combination of pulsating beats and propeller like effects in which Nika's incredible vocal soars even higher. The name of the album is apparently a homage to her homelands, she's certainly gone big. I've blogged about her seventeen times now, I think that's indication alone that I'm happy with that.

The track is available to download free via ZolaJesus.com. Taiga follows in October.