Broken Twin #5 - No Darkness


"No Darkness" is the closing track on my favourite album of the year May by Copenhagen's Broken Twin, a tender and touching moment that lets light and optimism shine through after ten tracks of resigned longing and, at times, outspoken despair.

Where May's opening track "The Aching" finishes on the reflective "Nobody wants to belong somewhere in between what you wanted and what you didn't want" here Majke Voss Romme opens with the more hopeful "Today I’ll cut the flowers, I will walk for hours, I will breathe in all that grows, now that spring is coming and the sun will shine".

Throughout her vocal is pure, full of strength and clarity amongst always restrained instrumentation and sparkling string flourishes, so beautiful is the track, that by the time you reach the repeated ending of "There will be no darkness, I will fill your space with light and it looks like hope" you almost believe it.

May is out now and should be regarded as an essential purchase.