Echo Lake #4 - This Year

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As per my last post on 2:54, until this week we'd had a couple of years radio silence from Echo Lake (two bands I can actually remember seeing together at The Lexington probably over three years ago now). The London based band return with a new song "This Year", part of a forthcoming compilation for Marshall Teller Records (whom the band play a showcase for this Saturday at the Shacklewell Arms - details) before hopefully treating us to details of a second album later this year.

An accompanying press release states that the track is actually an older track revisited and you can perhaps tell, a languid, haze of swirling, psychedelic pop that would fit well on their debut EP rather than the greater, more purposeful atmospherics of the full-length Wild Peace, either way, it sounds perfect listening here amongst the blue skies of North London, go bask in its glow below. Welcome back guys. Don't leave it so long next time please.