Eliot Sumner #2- Come Friday


I wasn't anticipating that one of my tracks of the year thus far would come from Sting's daughter (for no reason other than my own expectations), yet it most certainly has. Eliot Sumner's first single (under her birth name) "Information" is an absolute stunner and now we have a second track, both taken from an EP also entitled Information and due to be released on iTunes August 1st.

"Come Friday" is similar in style and scope, an epically sized beast that's armed with a pulsating melody and surging rhythms, they hide the tracks darker subject matter amongst shiny guitar riffs and a catchy chorus. Eliot's vocal is exemplary throughout but my favourite bit has to be the part around two and a half minutes when it comes to the fore amongst thudding bass before exploding with a euphoric conclusion. Ace.