Faro - New Music "Introducing"

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Here's a band that tick so many of my boxes that I'm left wondering how I'd not heard of them until the other day, Faro (not to be confused with Farao) are a London based quartet without an official release to their name but have followed a string of earlier covers with two tracks of their own, both leave a lasting impression.

The big folky instrumentals, rich crescendos and seductive vocal harmonies that build into the brilliant "Drive On" instantly recall early Fanfarlo or Beirut, with prominent bass and dusty piano twinkles catapulting a catchy, anthemic melody that's rhythmic and rousing in equal measure. The other track "Always Let You Down" is more subtle with guitar strums growing amongst bright percussion and driving keys, you can't escape the melancholic mood of the lyrics but the increasingly buoyant melody has you tapping your feet along in agreement in any case.

Another band are added to the follow list.