Jagaara - New Music "Introducing"


Cheers for this one RobinJagaara (seemingly formerly The Edmondsons, which I'm going to assume is their surname) are three sisters living in North London who released two demos onto their soundcloud late last week and now I'm in love with both.

It's probably possible to listen to the opening of "Faultline" and not think of fellow siblings Haim but the harmonies sound like they could be taken from a mellow version of "Falling" so I'm going to annoy everyone with a lame comparison. "Faultline" however doesn't develop with an explosion of soft-rock guitar and instead keeps restrained throughout, bewitching with a soft, brooding atmosphere, shimmering guitars and beautifully smooth vocals. I've listened to the track about ten times over the last few days now and it's not an exaggeration to say it sounds like the start of something 'big'.

The other track "In the Night" is just as good, a marriage of rich vocals, Motown soul and the occasional swelling of rockier guitars, the result seduces with a timeless and effortless sound. Allow yourself to fall head over heels with Jagaara below: