Jenny Lysander - New Music "Introducing"


The latest in a long line of Scandinavian discoveries is Swedish singer-songwriter Jenny Lysander who has just released her debut EP Lighthouse via Beating Drum Records, it offers a glimpse into enchanting world delivered by a delicate, poetic voice that beguiles from start to finish.

Opening track "Dancing on the Edge" opens the familiar sound of fragile guitar plucks and soon introduces Jenny's spine-tingling vocals, a natural whisper that transports you to a first-light during a Nordic winter, chilly yet wholly beautiful with closing number "The Thought That I Love" even prettier, fluttering with a soothing, understated tone.

The stand-out for me is "Giving Thanks", where for the first thirty seconds or so I feel like I'm in the Haunted House at Alton Towers, the part where you are walking through and you look into dolls house's of disappearing figures, eerie and other-worldly, Jenny's softly-spoken tones recall Laura Marling and is stark and captivating throughout. Quietly, positively gorgeous.