Låpsley - Painter (Valentine)


I've previously spoke about heading off to see Liverpool's Låpsley at Glastonbury without too much prior knowledge of her music but with the awareness that there'd been a bit of 'buzz' around her releases. The performance was an obviously nervous one, she's still a teenager, ridden with technical problems but a set that didn't hinder the obvious potential on evidence, a fact not lost on a sizeable audience in the BBC Introducing tent, highlighting a beguiling voice and an interesting take on minimalist synth-pop with shifting vocals amongst typically haunting, beautiful soundscapes.

If there's more tracks like the one below in the offing, Låpsley will soon have to get used to playing to bigger crowds, "Painter (Valentine)" was released earlier this year but I'm posting it now with a newly release video, a song that floats effortlessly, gorgeously over the repeated line of "come paint these wings and make me fly" and leaves you feeling all soft and gooey. It brings the sort of chills that only music can. The hype, is so far justified...