Little May - New Music "Introducing"

The Sydney three-piece Little May were recommended to me via Giselle on Twitter, she's learnt the sort of music I generally like pretty well over the last couple of years and again, she is right on the money. A trio of tracks found on their soundcloud highlight quite why Australian blogs have picked them as one of the countries best new bands.

I'll start with the first track I heard "Hide", which I think does a perfect job of summing up their sound, a perfect marriage of heavenly harmonies, sweetly sung verses that offer a beautiful listening experience and which then unveil different layers on subsequent listens, finely crafted and intimate lyrics which touch at the darkness almost as much as the thunderous percussion.

The pure vocals that introduce "Boardwalks" will have you weak at the knees whilst floating guitar patterns rise with similar intimacy and beauty before a runaway conclusion with heightened tempo and adrenaline feels like the shackles have come off. The most recent of the three "Dust" is another slow-fast release of heightened emotions, delicate beginning, smouldering vocals rising to a joyous explosion of galloping beats and carefree spirit. I can see this becoming a staple of my running mix-tape, the rise and falls here perfectly suiting an interval session.

I'm not sure if Little May have touched these shores yet but all three tracks are available on iTunes now.