Mina Tindle - I Command


I'm still swimming in new music after Glastonbury, I doubt I'll catch up before my next mini break in a couple of weeks time, here's a track I've had sitting in my draft folder since early June but I've just listened to it again and as I'm currently half-watching the non-event that is the third place play-off in the World Cup I thought, why not write up the blog right now (excuse the waffle)...

Mina Tindle is a Parisian artist and "I Command" is the first track taken from her second album Parades, due in October, it's a beautiful, rich tapesty of magical, swooning soundscapes and brilliantly uplifting vocals. The soft opening piano twinkles belie the bright, soaring pop anthem the track is become, propelled by Mina's theatrical lead and an ultra-infectious chorus. The string florishes near the end. Brilliant.

Mina plays London's Hoxton Bar & Kitchen in November - details.