Minipop - Chances


This is a post I've been meaning to finish for weeks, it's been a manic few months for me since I moved house in May and maintaining the frequency of this blog has meant come super late nights and blogging lunches, that's my excuse anyway (and I hope at least a few of your have found something to make my time worthwhile)...

Minipop came to my attention last month (June) with their first release in four years "Chances" (a four track EP of the same name is available to download now via Bandcamp) and I've previously adhered to the band when I posted about drummer Lauren Grubb's other project To The Wedding (make sure you check it out if you are yet to hear it - a stunner), they're going to appeal to lots of us, people lost in rose-tinted romanticism with an ear for luscious, sparking dream pop that makes you feel like you're wrapped in a big fluffy cloud.

"My Love Will Last Forever" is nothing short of beautiful, a blissfully slow and calming journey through softening beats, widescreen guitars and sensual vocals that can do nothing but melts hearts whilst "Chances" is similarly graceful and restrained, where soft blooming melody and majestic vocals combine to yet more happy coos of approval.