Perfume Genius #5 - Queen

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No blog yesterday, I've been super busy at work and have not been at home until the early hours of the morning. Last night for instance I was at Rough Trade watching a screening of the Pulp film followed by an hour long Q&A with Jarvis and Candida. It was fun and interesting, Jarvis taking the obvious lead throughout with some long, intriguing answers about the film and other tidbits.

Of the most asked question: Is this 'really the end?' The reply was vague and non-committal (it's not a full-stop, nor a question mark, more a comma) but I couldn't help but think we'll hear from Pulp again. At the very least the indication that Jarvis is writing new stuff hints at something on the horizon from him. Don't however expect a big fanfare for Different Class' 20th anniversary next year, Jarvis seemingly said he was uninterested in looking at a calendar, unless the record label push for a release of course.

Anyway, I'm not hear to waffle about one of my favourite ever acts but Pulp have helped to shape the music I listen to today, when I really got into music during year five at school they were 'my band'. Moving forward and to topic, yesterday saw the release of "Queen" (another of 'my bands'!) by the wonderful Perfume Genius. The first track taken from Mike's new, third album Too Bright which will be released Sept 22nd via Turnstile Music.

The track is one you've probably seen feature on just about every blog you read, the reason is simple, it's fucking great. It's great to hear an expansion to the intimate, delicate nature that wholly made up the first two Perfume Genius records, as beautiful and touching as they are artists need to develop and "Queen" is exactly that, expressing outward anger rather than inner pain throughout with a dark, menacing organ and swelling instrumentation bolder and more powerful than ever before. The response perhaps hints towards Mike getting the wider audience he deserves.

A three month US/UK/Euro tour ends with a date on 27th November at London's Islington Assembly Hall.