She Keeps Bees #7 - Is What It Is


I've almost two weeks worth of new music to catch up on now, time before, during and after Glasto has flown by and I've been struggling to cope. I'll start with the very, very welcome return to She Keeps Bees.

SKB's are a band I've seen live probably about ten times now and they are always wonderful, Jess has this brilliant personality that shines through, with her amusing anecdotes (usually about her clothes?) bringing chuckles in-between raw and powerful songs full of fiery heart that marriage chunky guitar riffs with understated menace and melody.

New track "Is What It Is" does away with the abrasive soundscapes for full out goosebumps, getting under your skin with a beautifully stark piano led track. There's little else but the plaintive twinkles and gentle percussive skips, it allows Jess' vocals to radiate with pure, haunting emotion. An absolute stunner.

Eight Houses is due via Future Gods (US) / BB*Island (EUR) in late September. With pre-orders starting to appear all we now need are some UK dates