To The Wedding - Silver Currents


To The Wedding is the solo project of San Francisco's Lauren Grubb whom I discovered whilst starting to write-up a draft post on the band in which she drums, Minipop (that post will be finished soon, this track is so good it jumped the queue).

There's an EP going back to 2010 on her Bandcamp page but I'm going to focus on her latest track, released a couple of weeks ago, "Silver Currents".

The track is a haunting hymn of heartbreak, a stop you in your tracks and immerse yourself within stunner. It begins with the slow-burning build of a ringing guitar patterns full of hazy, sombre atmosphere that transports you to wide open spaces before Lauren's breathy, evocative vocal, part Chris Isaak, part Hope Sandoval enters and carries you further towards melancholic plains.

Slow, powerful and Devastatingly beautiful. To the Wedding and "Silver Currents" is one of those discoveries you'll want to share with all your friends.

An album of the same name is available to pre-order now via Bandcamp.