Wonderful Humans - New Music "Introducing"


I've talked about an 80's synth pop renaissance here plenty of times over the past six months or so and coming up I have two more big throwback acts who wear the influences firmly on their sleeve. Let's start with New York's Wonderful Humans, apparently a super-group three-piece (by that I mean their members are in another band, not that it's made up of Prince, David Bowie and Jarvis Cocker) whom are apparently unnamed as yet. I'm here to worry about the music...

"Edge of the Night" is big, like-able crescendos and infections choruses that instantly makes me think of Metric at their most pop, there's purposely overblown synth riffs, driving beats and heavenly vocal melodies amongst polished production and it sounds like could easily be soundtracking your favourite 80's action hero blowing up an awful lot of things to get the girl he just met.

I arguably prefer the other track up on their soundcloud page (both taken from a forthcoming EP), "I Never Knew" takes you to the neon flashing lights that filled the Drive soundtrack, the start is beautiful, shiny synths and smouldering vocals and it only gets better. Swoon.