Young Unknowns #5 - Endless Landscape


Despite the different names I get called via my inbox, this blog is just me and my free-time is not as numerous as I'd like to be (especially during a World Cup summer) so here I am catching up with another post I managed to miss upon release, New York's Young Unknowns and their second EP Endless Landscapes. Released in May and available now via Bandcamp.

I've previously covered two tracks on the release, the introspective "I Want to Lose" and a heart-stopping version of "Drive", so I'll turn my focus to the title track "Endless Landscape". A smouldering, slow-burning beauty that extends on the stark, spacious electro vibe of the aforementioned tracks, it sees Meredith's pure, hushed vocals floating on top a bed of softly driven melody and the result is nothing other than luscious.

Luscious is a word that could also be used to describe "The Flower", with a gently strummed guitar and twinkling keys the sole accompaniment for a voice that could sooth any burden. A soundtrack for those late melancholy nights is found.